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Who We Are

American Builders Inc., established and founded in 2006, is a general contracting corporation, for commercial and residential construction. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality work, but primarily create value for our clients. Our primary works include restoration and renovations across a wide range of work from building restoration, scaffolding, roof work, masonry, Stucco work, concrete/sidewalk/curb work, to general home improvement and restoration tasks.

Our team consists of experts with years of experience in renovations, restorations and general contracting, and that is one of the primary reasons we have been so successful in scaling out in the tri-state area and primarily New York City.

about us and our priorities

We specialize in a wide range of works because of our phenomenal team, in services such as facades, roof, concrete structures, interior, brick and new construction, steel, and extension and demolition work. Our works can be categorized into various categories from restoration, renovations, general contracting and new construction.



Roof Work

Concrete Structures


Steel and Brick Work

Our certifications

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